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The Group is a lead generation company in the digital media sector with outstanding performance, dynamic growth and strong financials. Our team of dedicated experts publishes and maintains user-friendly comparison websites in different countries and languages.

Born out of a love for what we do, we desire to take the industry to the next professional level.

We offer distinctive customer USPs, best-in-class websites and work with many attractive “high-value” users and clients. Our highly scalable business model offers excellent growth options with high margins and good profitability ratios.

By implementing unique features and quality content, while also using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, our websites achieve top rankings on Google and other search engines.

Growth has been – and still is – our key issue.

Since opening our office in Varna in 2011, revenue has been reinvested to inspire more growth – both organic and through buying the website portfolios of competing companies. We now have thousands of operating websites, offices in four countries and a growing team of over 240 employees.

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